Sunday, June 14, 2015

Journey Mapping Part 5 - A Future- State Journey Map and the Value Proposition Canvas

Have a look at the future-state journey map below depicting the intended experience for our persona, a college student living in dorm, and the purchase of our company’s space heater.  Notice how map incorporates the customer jobs-to-be-done and the pains and gains captured in our value proposition research:

  • Clear and simple assembly and use instructions with a video tutorial

  • Ample reference to the fire department certification as a safe product…a very important consideration for a student living in a dorm

  • Easy to see references to social media and third-party reviews of the space-heater.  Independent third-party testimonials are increasingly important resources in proceeding through a purchase journey, and our map includes numerous opportunities for access.
As we’ve seen, using the Value Proposition Canvas as a tool for informing a future-state journey map ensures a systematic and thorough method for capturing essential customer input.

Thus far, this blog has focused on a discussion of some of the key technical and tactical activities that are must-have foundational components of any customer experience initiative.  In the next series of posts, we’ll address some important strategic concepts and tools intended to advance an organization’s customer experience activities…we’ll begin with a discussion of the organization’s ecosystem…the systems, processes, staff, policies, and partners that are critical to delivering the customer experience.